A funny video about cooking rice ‘wrong’ has quietly become the most viral thing online

Food | August 20, 2020

Uncle Roger DISGUSTED by this Egg Fried Rice Video (BBC Food)

In the spilt screen video with Uncle Roger on the left and Patel on the right, the comedian critiques Hersha’s process with comments such as she’s “draining rice with colander! How can you drain rice with colander? This is not pasta!” While the video was meant to be a joke, it sparked an outcry of people taking offense to her culinary approach to cooking rice. CNN describes the reaction as a “firestorm of dismay and disbelief.”

Leading up to rice-gate there have been instances of white chefs being accused of cultural insensitivity in their cooking methods. This tokenism is not considered overt racism, but is more of a subtle symbol represented by a cavalier nature of approaching the culinary traditions of a culture one might not fully understand or be sensitive to. A New York City restaurant had to close its doors less than a year from the day it opened due to a white chef proclaiming they would serve clean Chinese Food.

In lieu of the backlash sparked by the surprisingly controversial video, Nigel Ng and Hersha Patel posted a follow-up video to try and defuse any uprising spawned by the rice-cooking incident.

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