Bride goes viral after posting long list of rules for bridesmaids

July 3, 2021

Sometimes the brutally exacting demands of a bride know no bounds. Witness bride-to-be, Lisa Torres, and her two-page, step-by-step blueprint for her bridesmaids. As Today reports, Torres’ took to TikTok to discuss the delineation of her nuptial demands, and it’s gone viral, creating a heated “yea or nay” debate.

A Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Just Did Something Incredible for a Southwest Passenger. Her Stunning Story of Kindness Went Viral

March 5, 2021

There’s a lot of sadness in the world. A lot of spite. And then, there’s Southwest Airlines.  I don’t mean to call out Southwest Airlines as the shangri-la of the skies. But survey after survey shows passengers rating Southwest higher than its competitors. And time after time it seems to come down to feelings.  Southwest and its employees just […]

20 Celeb Moms Who Have More Than One Baby Daddy

February 2, 2021

Most young people look forward to the day they will finish school, get a job, meet someone special, get married, and have many kids; at least that is how it used to be many years back. From a young age, men used to know that it was their role to provide for the family while […]

Grooms Beware: The Most Outrageous Wedding Dresses

January 25, 2021

Here comes the bride, all dressed in – what? Our wedding day is one of the happiest days of our life, and while most brides-to-be dream of the perfect, classy, traditional wedding, others see it as an opportunity to unleash their creativity! It’s hard to believe that some of these women chose to walk down the aisle […]

Waitress Serves Grumpy Senior For Years, Receives Strange Call After He Vanishes

January 15, 2021

Most people agree, there’s nothing like a home-cooked meal. Still, heading out to a restaurant is also a fun treat, every once in a while. From decadent desserts to the waitress taking away our dirty dishes, it’s simply great! Plus, its a great alternative to those who can’t, or don’t like to, cook their own […]

Strangest Things You Will See on the Subway

January 13, 2021

Ask anyone who rides the subway – it can be full of weird and wonderful characters and is great for people watching! Here are some of the strangest things you will see on a subway across the world! Click NEXT to hop onboard and enjoy your trip through our hilarious subway slideshow.

Side Hustle Ultimatum: Policewoman In Germany Instructed To Choose Between Job Or Instagram Influencer Gig

January 4, 2021

Adrienne Koleszar is one of few popular Instagram influencers in the world proudly voicing the value of having a stable income over and above just posting on social media full-time. Employed as a policewoman in Germany, she spends most of her day hunting down bad guys and assisting with making sure that the public remains […]

Paige Spiranac’s Instagram Photos Show She’s Not Just a Golfer

December 21, 2020

Social media has undoubtedly made a significant impact on our daily lives. Social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are our daily companions as we pave each step of our journey. We use these social networks to express ourselves, connect with friends and loved ones, and even promote our businesses or project. One of the biggest […]

A Quick Check-in on Weathergirls Around the World

November 19, 2020

Sure, women are underrepresented in meteorology. But it’s all about quality over quantity, and today is the day to see the best in the biz! Turning up the temperature, what’s going on around the weather world right now? Janice Villagran The sultry Janice Villagran has done it all. After majoring in communications in college, she […]

Report: U.S. Anti-Trust Regulators Will Accuse Google of Crushing Competition to Maintain Monopoly

September 28, 2020

The U.S. government has readied an antitrust lawsuit against Google’s search engine, accusing the company of “crushing competition to protect and extend monopoly,” according to news reports:The move comes after a 14-month long investigation, where the U.S. Department of Justice probed whether Google distorts search results to favour its own products and shuts off access to […]

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