Four-year-old has some choice advice for boys: ‘You have to have manners.’

August 20, 2020

Four-year-old Delilah recently learned an important life lesson that all women come to realize at some point — a lot of men need to learn some manners before talking to a girl. She was enjoying her time at a park in San Francisco when a boy started making animal noises to get her attention. “We […]

These stunning portraits of black girls rocking their natural hair are a must-see.

August 20, 2020

Atlanta-based CreativeSoul Photography brought an inspiring artistic vision to life that highlights the beauty of black girls and their natural hair. Regis and Kahran are the husband-and-wife duo behind the photography studio, and their series “Afro Art” represents their expertise in capturing portraits as well as visual storytelling. The striking images feature young girls in elaborate costuming […]

Kooky conspiracy theories are detracting from the very real issue of child trafficking

August 20, 2020

08.04.20 Two years ago, I got off the phone after an interview and cried my eyes out. I’d just spent an hour talking to Tim Ballard, the founder of Operation Underground Railroad, an organization that helps fight child sex trafficking, and I just couldn’t take it. Ballard told me about how the training to go undercover […]

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