Grooms Beware: The Most Outrageous Wedding Dresses

Entertainment | January 25, 2021

Alternative wedding attire

As scandalous and out of the ordinary as this dress seems, at least it’s white – we can give her that. These days there seems to be a growing trend where brides slowly abandon tradition – it started with colorful wedding dresses – a gradual trend that started with off-white or light pink dresses and quickly escalated to black wedding dresses – as well as abandoning other wedding traditions as old as times.

Brides are giving up their something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, getting crazy with the wedding venues and otherwise neglecting tradition. While this bride gave her wedding gown a unique twist, one that we can’t really explain (what’s going on there?), at least she doesn’t defy the marriage institution completely by not wearing a white dress.

Sophia Iztok


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