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Nancy Wilson, “Heart” and Beyond!

Music | January 23, 2018

Heart Performing CIRCA 1977: Nancy Wilson of the rock band ‘Heart’ poses for a portrait in circa 1977. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Nancy Wilson was always exactly 1/6 of the well-known band, Heart. Although she is only a fragment of the group, she is one of the most recognizable; she and her sister, Ann Wilson, that is. Nancy was always front and center on stage, playing the hell out of her guitar. The band has had members come and go, but the sisters were always the constant mainstays of Heart.

When Nancy’s sister, Ann, fell ill in middle school and had a long recuperation facing her, her parents bought her a guitar to help her pass the time. Not long after that guitar appeared in the home, Nancy commandeered it and made it her own instrument; soon becoming very accomplished.

Nancy Wilson first decided that she wanted to be a musician after watching the epic premiere of the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. That was all the inspiration she needed. At that time, most girls wanted to “get with” one of the Beatles. Not Nancy, though… she wanted to BE (like) the Beatles.

Initially, Heart gained notoriety in Canada, and then later in the United States. The group became popular in the early to mid-1970s and were really hot for a few years. Hard rock and heavy metal was their inspiration. Their style resonated with young audiences and they released popular songs including, Magic Man, Crazy on You, Barracuda, What About Love? and Dog and Butterfly. These songs and others bring back priceless memories of my teen years.

By the early 1980s, Heart had not lost its talent but had lost some interest with listeners and audiences. It wasn’t long, though, before they regrouped and made a successful comeback in 1985 with more of a pop-friendly sound, which brought even more success than they could have hoped for. To date, Heart has sold over 35 million records, worldwide. Among other distinctions, the group was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013.

Nancy Wilson was part of Heart and Heart was part of Nancy Wilson. Heart, however, is not all there is to Nancy Wilson. Nancy’s talent always spoke and speaks for itself. She is a very talented and accomplished lead guitarist, which is not necessarily the norm for a woman. In addition to her instrumental abilities, Nancy is also a singer and songwriter. She has been a driving force in the music industry; admired by both men and women.

Although Heart endured the test of time, Ann and Nancy have experienced some unfortunate family circumstances as of late. As a result, the band has taken a hiatus with the sisters having a strained relationship. Nancy Wilson has since formed a new band called, Roadcase Royale, that includes some former Heart band members (but not her sister, Ann). Thankfully, though, both sisters claim that the band, Heart, has not been permanently disbanded.

Nancy Wilson is a modest person who has been in the spotlight all of these years. Aside from that, she is a regular person. Nancy has achieved and secured financial security by investing the money she has earned as a musician over the years. At the age of 63, she is worth quite a few bucks and is quite comfortable.

Nancy Wilson became a member of Heart as a teenager. From that point on, she was an American icon with a lot of heart… (pun intended).

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