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Pizza Delivery Driver Sees Inside a Customer’s Trailer and Knows She Has to Act Quickly

Uplifting | August 29, 2019

Just like restaurants and coffee shops, pizza delivery drivers have regular customers. Over time, drivers of pizza shops like Domino’s get to know their customers pretty well. Unlike other businesses, however, these delivery drivers are also seeing where their customers live and the state of their home.

When Domino’s delivery drivers Angela Nguyen and Sarah Hughes saw the inside of one of their regular customer’s homes, they knew they had to act fast. The two women, who are mother and daughter, went above and beyond their employee duties to help 76-year-old Lee Haase.

Angela Nguyen Wasn’t Always a Delivery Driver

Living in Anoka County, Minnesota, Angela Nguyen works as a delivery driver for Domino’s. But that’s not the job she’s always had. Before becoming a Domino’s driver, Angela worked for the Minnesota Visiting Nurses.


Angela told The Atlantic, “I did housekeeping for people with AIDS and HIV. Then they closed my department. They offered me another position with hospice, but I had a daughter that died while I was working for Minnesota Visiting Nurses, and it was just too difficult for me to think of going to work with other people that were dying. So I left.”

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