Stars Who Left TV Shows After One Season

Celebrities | June 19, 2020

One of the grandest dreams of most working actors is landing a starring role on a popular TV show. Getting a spot on the main cast of a long-running series can guarantee six-to-seven figure paydays, job security, and a lifetime of lucrative residual checks. It might seem outrageous to leave a situation like that, but it happens all the time in Hollywood. The most extreme version of this is a star of a popular show leaving during or at the end of the first season. Sometimes, the star is fired. Sometimes, they choose to walk away from good money and a high-profile gig due to things like harsh working conditions, a lack of artistic fulfillment, or a promise of a more prestigious career in movies. Below is a list of actors who quit TV shows and actors who were fired from TV shows after just one brief season.

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Ruby Rose – ‘Batwoman’

Character: Kate Kane

Left: 2020

Australian actor Ruby Rose made history as the first out LGBTQ+ superhero on American broadcast TV when she stepped into the role of DC Comics character Batwoman in 2019. Rose seemed immensely proud of her milestone when her casting was announced, which made her abdication of the cape and cowl all the more surprising when she announced her departure in May 2020. Speculation surrounded the move from the beginning, with some pointing to the physical demands of the role (due to the number of stunts, Rose suffered herniated discs that required surgery) and others saying Rose didn’t like the long hours or living in Vancouver, where the series is shot. Regardless, the show must go on and the role of Kate Kane will be recast when Batwoman returns to production for Season 2 on The CW.

Age: 34

Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia

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