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These Hilarious Vegas Photos Definitely Should Have STAYED in Vegas

Entertainment | November 19, 2020

These Hilarious Vegas Photos Definitely Should Have STAYED in Vegas

You know, the old saying, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” really isn’t as true as it used to be. Back in the days of disposable cameras, sure, you could get those Vegas photos developed and then keep them to yourself (or burn them), but today, with the advent of social media allowing you to post instantly from wherever you are (no matter how impaired your judgement may be), it can be a little harder to take those moments back. Plus, since we’re a world about sharing, chances are that if it was weird enough, even if you didn’t capture it, somebody else did. Well, with great fun comes great comedic opportunity, we guess. Check out these 20 hilarious Las Vegas photos that should have stayed in Vegas.

1. What a Deal!

What a Deal!
Source: Twitter/ninabanx

No wonder all the other casinos were so empty!

2. Swingers Welcome

Swingers Welcome
Source: Reddit/xxbearxx

It is VERY unclear whether they were talking about golf, or something else entirely…

3. They Know Their Audience

They Know Their Audience
Source: Reddit/michaelh33

“Drink to Forget” is clearly this proprietor’s motto … Well, he does live in Vegas.

4. Oh, Baby!

Oh, Baby!
Source: Reddit/MattPA4700

That baby looks like he might still be reeling from that vacation!

5. It’s a-Me…

It's a-Me...
Source: Twitter/NocontextMario

Sometimes the grind of rescuing your girlfriend from a giant angry turtle just gets to be too much…

6. Now Hiring…

Now Hiring...
Source: Twitter/LasVegasSun

Trump Tower looming in the background really completes the photo.

7. Squad Rollin’ up

Squad Rollin' up
Source: Reddit/whysocomplacent

This group of London lads wasn’t messing around with their attire. They GET Vegas.

8. Oh, Bally’s!

Oh, Bally's!
Source: Reddit/EverlastingBastard

One critical letter went out on the sign for Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino that night, making it fit in with the landscape even more.

9. Oh, Bother!

Oh, Bother!
Source: Reddit/Eldercunningham

“Christopher Robin? I haven’t heard that name in 30 years…”

10. You Did Your Best, Buddy

You Did Your Best, Buddy
Source: Reddit/gooddaysuckaaa

Sometimes you just have to take the L and sleep on the hotel floor.

11. Well That’s Unfortunate

Well That's Unfortunate
Source: Reddit/5_Frog_Margin

Which one of those billboards went up second, and why did nobody say anything?

12. Wrecked, in the Literal Sense

Wrecked, in the Literal Sense
Source: Reddit/PatGotee

Well, we know one thing that’s definitely staying in Vegas, and it’s that car.

14. *Filthy Richard

*Filthy Richard
Source: Reddit/AmericanAir88

Only in Vegas. (Also, extra credit for the dish called “Hangover Helper.”)

15. …Why?

Source: Reddit/deejaydubs

Is he requesting money in exchange? What does he get out of this?

16. Slots, Slots, Slots!

Slots, Slots, Slots!
Source: Reddit/fireflaai

They really are EVERYWHERE! (Pro tip: Don’t use these, even if your bag is taking FOREVER. They have the lowest payout rate in ALL of Vegas.)

17. You Do You, Guy

You Do You, Guy
Source: Reddit/DNAprototype

That chainmail is made entirely out of soda tabs, which is actually just very impressive.

18. Minnie? Mickey?!

Minnie? Mickey?!
Source: Reddit/highfivehead

Costumed characters who are off the clock, or the aftermath of a very elaborate bank heist?

19. The Boys Are-a Back in Town!

The Boys Are-a Back in Town!
Source: Reddit/rogersdad247

This bachelor party isn’t messing around! (Just don’t eat any of the mushrooms you see around town, guys.)

20. That’s a Convincer

That's a Convincer
Source: Reddit/Imasikunt

OK, so this isn’t a pic FROM Vegas. It’s from London. But talk about genius advertising!

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